Easy ways to make Money online for Students

Easy ways to make Money online for Students

Through these ways you can make easy money in your spare time even as a student , these are some simple ways to earn money online.

1.Online Surveys

This is one of the easiest way to make small money online for students by filling out survey forms in their spare time, research companies are always looking for some new members to fill our survey forms for their research purposes .

You can make up to 3$ – 5$ by doings some simple forms .

Some good research platforms are   SurveyBodsPopulusLiveHivingPanelBaseBranded SurveysOpinion OutpostHarris PollMind MoverNew VistaiPoll  TolunaVivaticMySurveyValued OpinionsIPSOSGlobal Test MarketThe Opinion PanelYouGovPineconeOnePoll,

2. Search Web and get paid

Qmee.com allows you to search some recommended searches alongside some sponsored results on Google and yahoo in return you can collect your reward. This might be one the easiest way there to earn money online. You can transfer the rewarded money to your paypal account.

It’s quite simple for as a student you don’t have to spend much time.

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3. Write a kindle ebook and publish it

If you’re good at researching and writing , write an ebook and with amazon kindle store any pesron can publish an ebook.

Place your ebook price and you get the 70% sale , with Amazon’s popularity it’s not that difficult to do.

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4. Click-working 

visit  Clickworker.com   they’re  always looking for some Internet users all over the world who can, , create or correct texts,and also  participate in research  surveys and categorize data for them.

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It’s quite easy just sign up to this site and your work schedule is flexible , all you need is a device on which you can work and an internet connection. Sign up and become a Click worker.

5. Use Upwork Application

Upwork is a freelancing application  , with which people can find tasks which suits them and get paid after completing the task.

If you excel in any of these you should download this app and sign up , Content writing , Graphic designing , Business writing , Photography , web site making etc

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6.Review Music for Cash

This is the best way to earn money if you love music , the site  Slicethepie  requires people who review music for some bands. The earned money will be in US$ and it might not be much but listening to music and earning cash from it , it’s the simplest and easy way.

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7.Upload your notes 

you can upload your study notes and set a price on them so when other students download it from the site you get a share form the profit .

The sites include  Stuvia & Notesale . Sign up and upload your notes and earn money.

8. Sell stuff on ebay 

You can always find clothes , games , DVDs , accessories that you no longer use but are in good condition so put them on ebay or any other online shipping sites and put a price on them , ebay’s popularity will allow you to sell faster than another site.

So earn money from the useless stuff in your home which can be utilized by other people.

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