Some high Tech that you didn’t know existed

Some high Tech that you didn't know existed

Scientists come up with new gadgets and tech everyday and some are so creative that it is really hard to believe that they actually exists . Here’s the list of ten high tech that you probably didn’t know that they exist.

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Flexible phones 

We all have heard rumors about Phones that bends around your wrist and won’t break even when they are bend in your back pocket but There is actually a company that is  working on making flexible phones . A renown company called Lenovo is currently working on concepts for the world’s 1st flexible phone. and It would have the capability of being worn as a bracelet, as well as flattened out straight. These phones are made out of a device called “graphene ” which is a flexible ,  thin material that allows flexibility.

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Pet brain scanning collar 

This miraculous and unbelievable  device utilizes an EEG machine to read and comprehend your pet’s brain waves and interpret it, in order to let you know what your pet is thinking or feeling right now . The device can currently read up to four mental states that includes being able to tell you when your dog is hungry, exhausted or excited. This tech is really unheard of .

Some high Tech that you didn't know existed

Cicret Bracelet 

This is something we see in Hollywood movies , This armband that is right now under development process surely brings us one step closer to all our favorite science fiction films. This bracelet utilizes  projection tech that is interactive and can be synced to your smart devices in order to let you create a screen right on your arm. The use of this technology could lead to abrupt  changes in the design of smart devices in the near future, with the possibility of devices not necessarily including screens any longer.

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Parrot pot 

If you are tired of taking care of your plants , buy this unheard gadget for only 200$ , This Bluetooth operated parrot pot can monitor whatever type of plant’s present in the pot and it will actually take care of itself. It is packed with a built in plant watering system that can keep your plant wet and healthy for up to thirty long days at a time. If you are going on vacations with your friends or family or even on a business trip you don’t really need to worry about your plants anymore.

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As the Image capturing technology is rapidly evolving around us , The is one of the best example of Tamaggo. This is indeed a unique device that literally allows you to capture a full 360 degree view of your surroundings. It is, user friendly , portable , light, well-built and so easy to carry around as well.

Dragonfly Futurfon

Dragonfly Futurfon looks and indeed behaves like a device of the future. It is unbelievably bend able and also in terms of utility and operation it is quite flexible . With this futuristic device you have the option of simply using an LED screen , connecting a keyboard or even using multiple screen at the same time  that are synced to different platforms. Simply seeing the full range of functions that a dragonfly futurfon can actually perform is amazing for a tech lover.

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