Why you should Consider buying Samsung Galaxy S9

Why you should Consider buying Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 is the company’s most latest smartphone and since its predecessors many improvements and upgrades are made in the set along side many new features have been introduced this year as well . Out of many we’ve chosen some best reason you should buy Samsung Galaxy S9 .

10 Inventions That Will Make Your Like Amazing

Differently placed finger print sensor

In Galaxy S8 the finger print sensor was only addressed through index finger as it was place right side of the camera . The problem from last year has been finally solved in Galaxy S9 as the finger print sensor has not just improved but it is placed in the center rear beneath the back camera of the set.

You may occasionally touch the camera but it’s not very often unlike last year’s version of the series. The position of the sensor is now easily addressable .

Dual camera improvement on Galaxy S9 plus   

The regular S9 has only one camera but on S9 plus you will the finger print sensor just beneath the two cameras . Yes ! Samsung kinda copied Apple on this introducing dual camera feature on its bigger Galaxy plus  series.

There is a usual  wide angle high speed dual pixel 12 Mega Pixel camera along with dual aperture ( which is also found on the regular Samsung Galaxy S9)   and also  a second 12 MP lens along with f/2.4 aperture. The lens is a telephoto lens.

Multiple frames image processing capability 

The Multiple Frames image processing capability allows the set to reduce the noise from the images which is a great step forward in image processing . With such processing S9 has the capability of capturing more pictures than previous phone with four times the total speed.

Automatic Slow motion video 

With the help of DRAM you have the access to automatic slow motion video in the new S9 . As you can capture high resolution high speed video with 240 fps , along with that you can capture 960 fps together with HD 720p Resolution.

Mechanical Aperture 

Samsung has always struggled in dim light circumstances but the company intends to change this with mechanical aperture which can physically change between two different apertures.The  f/2.4 aperture is utilized for the bright scenes all to avoid crushed highlights. The bigger and wider f/1.5 aperture is used for dim light image shots.

AR Emoji 

Through AR emoji in Galaxy S9  you can express yourself in the form of emojis. This feature can allow the 3D scan off your face . You can change the hair style and color, skin tone, clothes, and also you can add various accessories along with it .

Gigabit LTE 

One of the main features of the new Qualcomm processor is LTE Cat 18 support which simply allows your galaxy smart phone to download at high speed  of up to 1.2 Gbps on any supported mobile network. we can simply call Galaxy S9 the fastest phone for the use of Mobile network .

Stereo Speaker 

The latest feature of Stereo speaker allows stereo effect in Music . The single bottom firing speaker of its predecessors from last year is now attached with  a second front facing speaker creating a stereo effect for you .

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