5 best new android applications of 2018

5 best new android applications of 2018

Android app developers tries their best to improve our smartphones and to enhance the experience with our gadgets. As so many applications come out everyday and it is very difficult to keep track of them , it is difficult to download and experience them all to chose the best out of them . Here is the list of some best newest android applications.


“Haven is for people who need a way to protect their personal spaces and possessions without compromising their own privacy.” it is an android applications which utilizes the smartphones built in sensors ( i.e accelerator , light , power , camera , gyroscope ) to provide the monitoring and protection of physical spaces. haven using the sensors keeps your phone safe from unwanted intruders or any unexpected guests . Those people who have very classified or sensitive information in their phones , this app might come handy to such people. But it’s not much useful for everyday routine stuff.

Amazon Go 

The online retailer amazon just released its own new app Amazon go . It is basically a chain of grocery stores . Customers can  download the new Amazon Go app for their iOS and Android, which is entirely linked to their own Amazon.com account, before buying at the store.The application allows users to include others to their Amazon account so the bills can be shared. There are plenty of online store apps but Amazon go might have a place in one of the best of android apps

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Earn Money With These Amazing Apps

Investing.com Crypto News 

This latest android app for cryptocurrency news . It allows the access to quotes for more than 1300 currencies , it also provide the information about the trading volume , real time data about historical places and the dominance in market . This app allows the news of many other companies as well such as CoinDesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and other popular icons.

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Record Bird 

Record Bird is completely different type of music app. It does not stream music or contain music news like a music blog. But Instead, it shows recent releases in the music industry . The application also lets you keep track of your favorite genre and artists. Through this way you will only get notified by certain information about your favorite bands or music . This app also let you know about the latest artists album reviews. The app is completely free and there is no advertisements on it yet. it’s kind of a unique application.

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Upthere Home 

Upthere Home is the latest cloud storage service provided from Western Digital. It is oddly appropriate given that how many hard drives the company sells every single year. No matter the sell of this company , this app is above average in this space. Upthere Home lets you upload your files, photos, videos, music, and anything else you want. These things are only  accessible from the cloud, which is kind of obvious. The app includes many features such as a cheap subscription service, auto uploading of data, social media sharing, and a decent content searching .but this android app only has one subscription plan which is that You get 100 GB of data for $1.99.

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