About Us

Who Am I?

My name is Abdul Haq Shah, I worked as software engineer US based organization and I quit my job just to follow my passion. I have passion towards technology, not as a programmer but as a brand or product maker. Well i’m just an average guy just like you. I’m too lazy person and i’m working on that to override this.

I’m passionate about doing small things, that can make our life easy. I believe on not reinventing the wheel. I prefer to take that wheel and make it more effective and progressive. I like movies, season and ofcourse sleep. I want to travel and visit historical places all around the world for which i’m saving some money.

 You want to share something with me or want to just chat with me i’m available and it will be pleasure for me. You can contact me through social media and email or you can whatsapp me as you like.

Facebook: abdulhaqshahg

Whatsapp: +92 335 4055235

Why i started Common User View?

Well the most common question people ask, why do you started this? For me its not just a blog. Its a beginning of huge idea. Every idea have a small start and that’s what i did. I already wasted many years for starting it but didn’t have courage or you can say due to my laziness i didn’t start. But now i took a decision and started it.

Common User View is an idea of about sharing a thought of a normal user, a common person. What he thinks about the product, movie, apps, restaurant or anything which he or she use in their life. I will technical a bit but not that much like most reviews on the other website which have experts regarding that field.

Common User View  review will be based on how the end user look into that thing. We will share technical aspects too and it features along with the user view. Right now we are covering categories like Android and iOS apps, Android, iOS, Laptops, Gadget, Movies, Mobile Phones, Startups, Series and much more.

If you guys want to contribute in it and want to publish any review about any thing you want. You can contact us without hesitation on commonuserview@gmail.com.

Common User View team will be pleasured to answer your questions and publish your reviews.