Best RPG games on android

Best RPG games on android

Role playing games or RPG is one the most famous genre among games around the globe . Android has so many RPG games but here’s the list of some best RPG games on android.

The last day one earth

It is role playing zombie shooter and survival RPG game in which you have to survive in the post apocalyptic world where zombies reign . You can build and upgrade your base , through building walls you can keep zombies outsides , there are countless number of weapons in this game to use against zombies, and different types of zombies will haunt you . You can also scavenge food from other areas . Collect resources , construct stuff and create your place in the infected and plagued world.

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The Bard’s Tale

The Bard’s Tale was one of the first and really good Role playing experiences on mobile gadgets and continues to be one of the greatest even now. It is a remake of the classical game from the mid 1980’s that definitely helped define the RPG genre as a whole. You will be going on quests,  designing your character, and engaging in all types of delightful tomfoolery. You will find a lot of  bluntness from the dialog. That means you can look forward to alot of comedy as well . It also comes with the  Google Play Games achievements and cloud saving.
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Jurassic survival

This games resembles the last day on earth but instead of zombies you survive from the monsters of Jurassic era .Dinosaurs roam free in this world , build your base , upgrade your walls to keep them out . Scavenge for water , food and resources to keep yourself alive. There are alot number of weapons also to use against dinosaurs. Dino events are also there which are quite fun to play.
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Eternium : Mage and Minions

Mage and Minions is  free to play RPG. and can be played offline. It is one of the few RPGs that can be played offline . It has a variety of story lines and diversity of weapons  and you will be fighting robots, skeletons, monsters , beasts, demons, aliens, minions and many others. Of course, there are many things for you to find , scavenge and gather. It is a little bit more hack-and-slash than it is an RPG, but the elements are definitely there.

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Exiled Kingdoms 

Exiled Kingdoms is a single player heavy action RPG. It is one of the few in this genre that is not also a freemium game. It features a story board where you must save the world from terrors that were left  by previous cataclysm. The graphics are not the best features of the game . However, they do get  point across and the menu system is pretty easy enough to understand. Like most RPGs, you will have to upgrade and design your own character, complete the story, find the resources and explore the world around you. The free version of this game gives you a fairly huge trial with two character types of play with.

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Evoland is really fun RPG that borrows from a ton of different games in a very different and unique kind of way. It is set up to compel you to play through the history of action adventure thrilling games and includes both 2D and 3D environments.

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