DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Review : Best Camera stabilizer

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Review : Best Camera stabilizer


The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is the famous drone company’s most fine gimbal for smartphone cameras so far, it takes camera stabilizers to a whole new level .

DJI is recognized by the manufacturing of drones for cameras and videos but last year they shrunk the products such as camera stabilizers to the size of a smartphone so anyone can have access to and can get benefit from it .

The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is less heavier and considerably cheaper than its predecessors, and despite the fact that it is a alot better smart phone camera stabilization gimbal as compare to any other we have tested.It literally uses AI technology to track subjects and, with the latest portrait mode, it is ready for the Instagram Stories and Snapchat generation as well . 

It is similar to the original  DJI Osmo Mobile but with upgrades such as it is way more lighter in weight than before , the new version possesses New portrait orientation mode and AI powered subject tracking , The price of this product is lowered as well .

But the negative aspect of this product is that You can not flip cameras during recording and you physically have to change the orientation , and there is a Micro USB port rather than USB C . Except all these flaws the product is just great.


The previous gimbal was made from  plastic and magnesium base which altogether made it heavy but the latest version is made from  high-strength nylon which is way more lighter than before.

The handle is more comfortable now for long sessions of video recordings or live streaming.

it comes with a base and extensive tripod for more stabilized video recordings

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 Smooth moves 

It was build for smooth and stable recordings or photos , you can use it on the go just select the subject to track and it will track your desired subject with the help of A.I powered tracking  which gives smooth shots. With the help of built in sensors you won’t lose sight of your target.

Afraid that vibrations gonna mess up your video ?  Osmo Mobile 2 ensures stability. Even if you’re in a car , bus , using a skateboard or bicycle  your smartphone will remain steady and the smoothness of your stories won’t change.

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Stable Shots

You can make everyday moments movie like , Shooting moving clouds , blooming flower or moving water all can be saved with perfect stability. You can move while making a video and the video made will be equally smooth .

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Stable panorama

We all had troubles making a panorama view but with the help of Osmo Mobile panorama’s are not a big deal , it automatically captures photos and stitches them giving as breath taking view of landscapes .

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Extended Battery life 

The battery life of DJI Osmo Mobile 2 has extended to 15 hours which is three times than its previous versions . The extended battery time has made it more user friendly. There is a battery indicator as well which tells when to recharge the gimbal .

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The previous version of DJI Osmo Mobile launched was for $299 (AU$399, about £220) but we can easily get our hands on the latest version for just around $129.

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