Facebook launched App and Website for Video Creator

Facebook Creator App

Facebook launched App and Website for Video Creator:  Good new for the video creators around the world who share videos on Facebook, showing their passion in the form of videos. As Facebook is giant social media platform so when creators share their videos on Facebook they got millions of views from around the world and from their videos they can also earn money by monetize with Facebook. 

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Facebook has just launched a video creator app and website for those enthusiastic creators to make video and get interacted with their fans in an easy way. Facebook says that an app will help creators to manage their presence on Facebook where creators can get the resources they need to improve and grow. While websites will help creators how to make videos, how to make them viral and how to grow on Facebook.

Facebook Creator App

Facebook launched App and Website for Video Creator

Facebook Creator App is rolled out to iOS right now and will be available to Android with in a month. Creator app is a one stop shop for creators of all kinds. Whether you are new bee or professional creator this app will help you to take your passion to next level. With Facebook Creator App, users will be able to easily create original video, go live with amazing features and connect with their Facebook community, all this in just one app in your pocket. 

There is a community tab in Facebook Creator App where the creators will see all their comments from Facebook, Instagram and all messages from Messenger too. With all these features the best thing which creators will get  is that analytics.  Creators will able to see analytics of their Facebook Page, videos and viewers.

There are lots of other features included in Facebook Creator App rival of YouTube video creator and more features will be included in future said by Facebook. Right now creators will get features like:

  • Live Creative Kit
  • Community Tab
  • Camera and Stories
  • Insights (Analytics) 


Facebook Creator Website

Facebook Creator website will help new and old creators to get new skills, resources to make amazing videos with their passions and publish them on Facebook. It will also help creators to get new techniques to make content more impressive and shine. Find answers of the most common questions asked by the creators, this will help new creators and community of million of creators to be considered for early access to new features and tools.

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This an attempt by Facebook to make video creator away from YouTube. Facebook Creator app and website isn’t just for the video creators who are posting on Facebook but for other vloggers too. Let see how we loggers response to that Facebook Creator App. It is an attractive option now for creators because Facebook is now allowing creators to earn money from their videos. In-stream ads are in beta testing and soon it will be release to public but there are other options too from where creators can earn money. Facebook is also competing Google by bringing its own Adsense kind of network.  


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