Facebook Launched Messenger App for Kids

Facebook Launched Messenger App for Kids

Facebook Launched Messenger App for Kids: On Monday November 4th, Facebook launched Messenger for Kids.  This app is designed to target the age of 13 or under, which require parent permission to make an account and send messages and use other features of this app. 

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How young is too young for children to use mobile app?

Facebook is facing a serious debate after the launch of this app. People are asking what is the age limit for children to use mobile apps and how family will retain their children to spend time with them instead of on messaging app. People are also blaming that, Facebook is now targeting kids to steal their childhood from themselves. 

Children adoption towards technology is increasing day by day and family life style is ruining in response to that. According to parents that this app from Facebook, will keep children busy in the screens instead of reality. 

How this app work?

Beside of the dispute on platforms regarding this app. Let me tell you how this new kids messenger work. Each account is been setup by parent, so it means kids cannot create an account by himself or herself.  For this parents need to download the Messenger Kids app on the their child smartphone or whatever they provide him for usage. 

Parent need to authenticate the child device through Facebook, by using their own Facebook account credentials. Facebook says you not need to worry about this, it will not create you child Facebook account nor your account will be breach by you child.

Create your child account after authentication and that’s it hand over the device to your child and its ready to use. You can control the child contact list through your own Facebook App, there’s an option provided in the app. 

According to Facebook, Messenger Kids app will provide more controlled environment for parents to check out the activity that were already occurring across smartphones by family members. After spending several months talking to parents and child behavior experts and safety organization this app is been developed according to the company.

Vice president of the Messaging said:

Right now for kids, the time they spend on devices is very passive. It’s not really a device that helps you connect with others close to them.

Right now the app have a limited scope of just message sharing, photo sharing and video chat. Kids can also add filters and doodle on the images and share them with there friends and family members.


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