Fitbit problems and how to fix them

Fitbit problems and how to fix them


Fitbit fitness trackers are convenient for our everyday life , they can helps us steer our lives . They have the ability to measure heart rate, quality of sleep, track objectives , record number of calories burned and much more . If any one happens to own a Fitbit device they ought to face some common problems here’s how to fix them :

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Syncing issues 

The devices connect with your android devices via Bluetooth sometimes we face issue while syncing data here’s how to fix it .

Solutions : 

  • Make sure your android device’s Bluetooth is on and your fitbit device is connected to your android device .
  • Try turning the bluetooth off and on again and force to the app and open it .
  • For android 6.0 You need to manually allow the fitbit app for scanning for Bluetooth
  • Make sure the “Always connected “option in your fitbit app is turned on
  • Make sure the all day sync option in the fitbit app is on
  • Try removing and adding again your Fitbit device from your Fitbit account.
  • Try restarting the device again it might solve the issues
  • If nothing works try uninstalling the application and re-install it .

Notification problems 

Sometimes the firbit won’t get notifications from your android device for this you have to do some tricks to make it work again.

  • Make sure the your android device is connected to Bluetooth and no other device is linked with your fitbit device.
  • Make sure no other Bluetooth device is attached to your android device.
  • Make sure in your fitbit app the enable notification widget is turned on
  • Check if your phone’s “do not disturb “mode is on
  • try turning the Bluetooth off and connecting again
  • Try restarting your phone , if all this doesn’t work then try uninstalling the application and reinstalling it again .

Charging problems 

Sometimes your fitbit device won’t charge properly here’s some solution to fix the charging problems.

  • Check if your fitbit charger is clean if not then clean the dust and particles stuck inside the charger manually using a tiny pointed ended pin or something similar.
  • Try plugging  it into a different USB port
  • Try restarting the device.
  • Check if the charger is short circuited , if yes then you gotta buy a new one.
  • If your charger is worn out you should replace it as quickly as you can , it might mess up your device as well.

Quick View and tap recognition problems

Complaints about quick view and tap recognition being too slow have been made the users very often , maybe the problem can be solved by messing in Fitbit app’s Settings menu.

  •  For Quick View option to work properly,  Fitbit device should know on which wrist it’ is worn. To check if this is the route of the problem, open the Fitbit application , select Account option, select tracker, then ensure the Quick View toggle is on.
  • After choosing being left handed or right handed make sure you are wearing your Fitbit on the correct wrist.

For tapping recognition problems : 

  • Ensure you are tapping on the right spot
  • Don’t tap too hard or too soft
  • If the tap reaction lags , it is normal . Give your device time to react and recognize.

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