Google Home Max : 2018 smartest speaker review

Google Home Max : 2018 smartest speaker


Technology’s evolving fast and everything’s becoming smart , it’s already 2018 and we also saw this year’s technology preview at CES 2018 . You’ve got so many choices if you’re looking for a High-Tech smart speaker but from all the reviews Google Home Max is easily 2018’s  Smartest speaker so far.

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The apparent competition is between Apple Home pad and Google Home Max , Apple launched it’s product on 9 Feb and Google launched it’s product a few weeks ago , the difference of price is not that much , apple’s is on  $349 and google’s is on $399 .You might be thinking it costs alot for being a speaker but it’s worth it.

In terms of design Google Home Max looks so simple and classy and it can go with all of your stuff. With it’s design and magnetic resting pad it will never scuff or scratch your furniture , it can be oriented vertically or horizontally and its touch sensors will adjust automatically. It has great versatility in its own sense.

It has the adapt technology in any loud party or gathering it’ll automatically raise the volume , or in the morning time or quite reading time it’ll adjust to your needs and moods. All this smartness is due to carefully placed six microphones in home max’s design that is also what allows it to recognize your voice when you say “Hey google” from all the way across the room even when there’s a party going on.

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Google Home max user friendly design

Home Max provides easily the best audio which adjusts to your environment accordingly , Home Max’s Lead Acoustics Engineer Frances Kwee  said in a statement that  “We don’t know where people will place Google Home Max, which is why Smart Sound is so great — we designed a system that makes the speaker sound good anywhere.”

And when asked about the speaker’s relibility Kwee said “From a reliability standpoint, we’ve got a pretty strenuous testing process through several environmental conditions including temperature and humidity, in addition to various stress settings, like playing the device at top volume”

For a speaker to provide loudness and the rich voice is impossible to find but Google Home Max provides the rich quality sound along with loudness , as it’s easily the loudest speaker in your home. No matter where you place , in an open space or in a corner the audio will be tuned itself to adjust with respect to your environment.

But the question remains why prefer Google home max to Apple’Home pad? Google home Max has a powerful Google assistant built in it which can do others stuff like look up a recipe , read something etc But Apple’s home pad has limited abilities.

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HomeMax multiple voice recognition

Google’s can  host multiple users and can recognize different voices but apple’s is limited to do that it’ll answer anyone with witch the Device is paired.

Buying two Google Home Max devices won’t be bad either, and if your friend has one  , they can wirelessly pair to create a great stereo experience. Home Pod will also eventually be able to do that too, but not for several months. For Home Max you won’t have to wait that long.

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