Google Pixelbook Review

Google Pixelbook Review
Google Pixelbook Review: Google announced another amazing hardware device at Google Hardware Event 2017 in San Francisco. This time chrome book turn into Google Pixelbook.
Google Pixelbook is the most thinnest laptop in Google history. Containing weight of 1.1 Kg which is about 2.4 pounds and 10.3 mm thick. Google Chrome OS have almost 50 percent student account. Because student are more towards cheap price so they can afford them easily.
Google Pixelbook is also for students but for those who graduate and want to use the same OS but with high functionality and amazing design features. The battery of Google Pixel is to last up to 10 hours on a single charge. But on 15 minute of charging it can get up to 2 hours of use. There are lots of more features which we want to discuss about but first lets look into its specifications.
  • Seventh Generation Intel Core i5 (up-gradable to i7)
  • 8 GB Ram (up-gradable to 16 GB)
  • 128 GB Storage (up-gradable to 512 GB)
  • 41 Wh Battery, Google claim that it can run up to 10 hours on single charge
  • Headphone jack and 2 USB-C ports
  • 1.1 Kg Weight
  • 12.3 inch Display
  • 720 p Camera
  • 4 Microphone and 2 speakers
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Pixel Pen
Light weight, thinnest design and amazing look Google Pixelbook is attracting everyone towards it. Google are getting more innovative in designing hardware, the best example is Google Pixelbook. Made of an aluminum with glass shade on the back of the screen. The same glass shade which used on Google Pixel smartphone. One of the most interesting thing which i like and i think every laptop user want that thing is where you put your palm on laptop. Google user advanced silicone pads which provide comfort-ability to your palm. They also help to protect the screen from getting schmuck from the keyboard buttons.Track-pad  is made up of glass so its smooth to use.
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Keyboard is far more comfortable to type on, they sound less clack than a MacBook. Having two USB-C ports and support fast charging with its 45 W charger. Google claims that it took 15 minute to get 2 hours of usage and with a single full charge battery you can use Pixelbook up to 10 hours.
common user view review startups gadget apps android ios movies
Pixelbook comes up with Pixel Pen which is interesting things. But you have to buy it separately. First off all, Pixel pen doesn’t require any charging nor Bluetooth to get connected. Its a traditional Wacom stylus with support both pressure and angle. It use AAA better which will take an year to discharge. So the best thing is you doesn’t require to charge it again and again.

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More over you will find out one new button in Google Pixelbook, which is for Google Assistant. You can active it by pressing the button or just say “OK GOOGLE”. The next thing which make Pixelbook amazing is that Android Apps comes to Chrome OS. Now you will be able to use your favorite apps on your laptop, without using third party too.  Now lets talk about price.
With all these amazing feature as we discussed about Google Pixelbook is available in different price.
If you want standard Google Pixelbook with 8 GB Ram, 125 Storage and Intel Core i5 Processor it will cost you $999. But if you want more than storage you can get 256 Storage capacity Pixelbook in just $1,199. And if you want high processor and ram with high storage you can get 16  GB Ram, 512 Storage and Intel Core i7 processor Pixelbook in just $1,649.
Pixel Pen sold separately with the cost of $99.

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