Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’s new trailer is here

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery's new trailer is here


Back in December 2017 we heard about the new title of this game but more details are available now as this new entry in Harry potter’s game series Harry Potter : Hogwarts Mystery is going to release in this spring , 2018 . it’s new trailer is here .

It’s an RPG game which allows users to make his own unique character and experience the life of a Hogwartz student. The basic story revolves around the same theme this game will allow players to be sorted in different houses, attend magic classes such as Defense against the dark arts , learns different spells , make friends , duel with the rivals and much more

You can evolve from rookie to master levels as different professors just like in Harry potter series will take lessons and teach spells and it will up to you to master them to become a great wizard.

As the game proceeds you will be able to choose your rivals yourselves and battle with them to try your potential as a wizard . To become a great wizard you have to take risks.

“It is not our abilities that show what we truly are ; it is out choices ” – Albus Dumbledore-

Check out the latest trailer of the game here

The trailer does bring back some old but golden memories.

There are diverse options to customize your own avatar , theĀ avatar customization system also allow the players to upgrade or change their avatar during the game as it proceeds . You will be able to join one of the four main houses Slithering , Hufflepuff, RavenClaw and Grinfindor , further along with the story you will solve mysteries and puzzles to proceed as the game name implies.

You will also be able to choose a pet for your character , a rob , potions ,a magical wand just like the main Harry potter series . You will also be able to play the famous legendary game of Quiditch with other rivalry houses.

The game’s graphics are great as we all can see , and it is expected to be a great hit among the Harry potter fans , You can pre-register for the game at their official website .

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