How to Make Web 2.0 Backlinks in 2017: Ultimate Guide

How to Make Web 2.0 Backlinks in 2017: Ultimate Guide

How to Make Web 2.0 Backlinks in 2017: Ultimate Guide: For a long time, backlinking was a top secret formula of SEO that wasn’t so top secret now. Sites desperate to rank simply made web pages filled up to the brim with spammy backlinks to their main site.

When social-based Web 2.0 emerged starting around 2005, this plan persisted under a fresh MO. Google caught to the reality that individuals were boosting the rank for their sites with techniques which were hurting the common search consumer experience.

Now, any site suspected of using such methods shall have their rank penalized, heavily. Yet,  Web 2.0 links still work when done right

Some forms is highly recommended necessary outright, while others need an effort be observed as reputable. In short,  Web 2.0 linking game got much more strategic, with risk and pay back that how much effort you are willing to do.

In this post, I will help you and guide you with the best strategies of about how to make backlinks with Web 2.0.

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Before starting, there is a thing  i have to say that there is no “Backlink Magic” exist. Each and every content on the internet should provide something to the page visitors. You will find lots of sites and people out there promising and guaranteeing you that you can make million of backlinks with there amazing tricks by spending just few dollars.  

If you are serious about your site and passionate about it. Don’t waste time on those tricks. Its just a waste of money and your effort on your website and you will get nothing. Instead your site will be black listed in Google search engine list, if it suspected with any kind of gray hat strategies you are doing to rank your site.

Slow and steady is better than just one minute boom so go for long term strategies. Now, let start the steps to make your site rank on Google search engine.

Method 1: Complete Your Website Information on the Major Sites

First step you need to do is to provide your business or company information on a social media sites. Show social existence on as much relevant web 2.0 sites as you can. This step helps you guide visitors to more resources on your offerings while providing a far more comprehensive and for that reason authoritative footprint online.

Minimum, every company or organization should complete  these following steps:

  • Google Business Page
  • Facebook Page
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Company Twitter Account
  • Confirm Alexa  Web Page

Add relevant information and definitely give a  site link  of your website}or a proper website landing page. Include over 100 words on what your business do and what differentiate it from others.

Create a post  on Facebook and Twitter at least twice weekly and LinkedIn at least one time a week for two to three months. These early post on these giant social media platform will provide a nice start  to your public existence so that visitors  see more than simply a blank page.

Also, highly consider starting a blog inside your main domain or with an identical URL to your primary domain.  Content you publish there can greatly increase your rank given proper keyword use a lot more than excessive backlinking .

Now, none of these methods are of web 2.0 building  proper links, they do anchor your business name and any niche keywords immediately associated with it to your site. You shouldn’t be able to create Web 2.0 backlinks until your organization has a branded public and social presence.

Method 2: Spread Your Footprint with Top quality Persona Profiles

Once you’ve a social existence with branded profiles on all giant Web 2.0 social media services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, you can now start to establish another identity from your brand proper.

The easiest way to do this is to make a new profile on community sites like Quora, LinkedIn Groups and other, similar forums related to your niche. Making a Disqus account for comment on content is also a beneficial for showing your presence in the world.

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These new personal profiles should disclose the bond to your business but they should ideally be represented from your real name to increase the perception of legitimacy. You shouldn’t not you the email address which is linked to your website domain or the same email you  used to join Google services like Analytics and AdWords.

The connection is wanted by you to be tangible but not apparent to Google. Otherwise, you might get penalized.

Again  include your site link in the profiles you have created on these forums or mediums in the “About” section of your profile.  Always make an effort to hit an equilibrium between self-promotion and subtlety to avoid penalties.

Then, go answer questions! Find out ways to help people on Quora and in community forums. You can even contribute your own two cents to trending blogs related to your niche.

Say something meaningful not just like “Good info or thanks a lot for this lovely post”. It should be thoughtful and meaning full with at least two line. Describe your self and then give comment about there post and link back to your site too. 

Method 3: Create Community Forums or Pages with Loose Branding Connections

After completing the first two steps , you can branch out your web existence with pages that look like third-party entities but are actually associated with your site. This is actually the traditional face of  Web 2.0 backlinking and it is the most tricky also.

You absolutely have to restrain yourself from outright offering, heading overboard with keyword density or offering articles without value.

Instead, you should sincerely be placing yourself in a community with interesting content that sometimes link back again to your site and sometimes promotes your services. Think only five links weekly for the previous and two blatant advertising  posts per month for the last mentioned.

Easy and simple sites to get with are:

  • Tumblr blogs
  • Facebook  Pages and Groups
  • Unbranded Twitter handles
  • WordPress blogs
  • Blogspot blogs
  • Youtube pages
  • Instagram accounts

So what kind of content you should publish? Something your audience would be be thinking about! For example, Someone post images of the best-looking private pools on Tumblr then blog about pool maintenance tips on WordPress. Another example of a company trainer type could post about effective procedures or even customer horror tales.

Method 4: Web 2.0 Backlink Practices to BE CAUTIOUS With or Avoid Entirely

Regardless of the previous warnings about Google’s tendency to penalize sites, many so-called “SEO Gurus” will still recommend grey-hat procedures that are certain to get your site in big trouble.

Others recommend procedures that have risk and little potential for praise that could really only advantage} a few niches.

Creating Wikipedia page for your backlinks  is an awful idea for some small and medium businesses because the Wikipedia community will probably delete that page for an organization, few folks have heard of.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a web page an area or specific niche market interest and casually talk about your company plus a link, that may potentially be fine.

Creating several WordPress or social media account simultaneously is more less era of Google Panda and Pigeon. Don’t bite off more than you can chew up by starting several sites simultaneously. One high-quality site provides more rank juice than 20 poorly-made ones.

Conclusion: How to make Web 2.0 Backlinks

If you have noticed three common threads through this guide, that are:

  • Your post should be interesting according to relevant audience or don’t post it at all
  • Sell with restraint
  • Use Web 2.0 links and profile links in balance with other SEO strategies

I think this post will help you out to make good and long term backlinks for you site. If you have any question or suggestions, please comment below and i will answer or update the blog accordingly. 

Don’t forget to share it with your other colleagues on social media too.

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