Mine Bitcoins with your old Samsung S5s phone

Mine Bitcoins with your old Samsung S5s phone
Mine Bitcoins with your old Samsung S5s phone:  Have you heard about Bitcoin, the famous crypto-currency . Now you can mine this with you old Samsung smart phones. Samsung new “upcycling” program will tell you what to do with you old phones when you brought a new one.

If you are a smartphone love and change your phone every year or every month, there’s a question raise what to do with my old phone. Most of the people sell it on eBay or other websites like Swappa. Some people put them in drawer so it can be used in emergency or something. Old phone still have bunch of energy left in them.

For what to do to with your old smartphone Samsung brings a new program called Galaxy UpComing.

This program focus on creative ideas to turn your old Samsung smartphones into something creative. People can share there ideas and creativity on Samsung Upcoming site with million of other users that will use your idea.

Samsung Upcoming engineers comes up with something new that will excite you if you are a crypto-currency fan. They turn a 40 stack of Samsung Galaxy S5s in to Bitcoin mining rig. Phones are more efficient to mine Bitcoins than your desktop machines. This 40 old Samsung Galaxy S5s are much powerful than Inter Core i7 2600.


Team come up with other ideas too like turn and old Galaxy tablet into Ubuntu powered laptop, a Galaxy S3 to monitor fish tank so you can know whats going on inside more accurately and an amazing facial recognition smart camera with an old phone for your house in shape of an owl.

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Well mostly people are raising question about how Samsung is mining bitcoin with 40 old Galaxy phones. As bitcoin rate is increasing day by day and its impossible now to mine it on desktop, then how they doing it and claiming it much faster than desktop machines.

There are questions but the good point is that giant companies are thinking about upcycling which will reduce the electronic waste from the world.

Image Source : Android Authority

First Look Of The Boring Company Tunnel Under LA

Elon Musk’s finally share the first look of its Boring Company which is dinning tunnel under LA. Sharing a photo of tunnel on Instagram, Elon Musk caption it with “The Boring Company tunnel under LA”.

Working from past five months finally the first portion of the huge idea is come in to reality. Elon Musk’s photo is showing the portion of extended part of project which is 3.2 km tunnel.The Boring company get permission from government in August to expand the tunnel for 3.2 km, at the start which was limited to 49 m only.

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Elon Musk tweeted:

Should be 2 miles long in three or four months and hopefully stretch the whole 405 [north to south] corridor from [Los Angeles International Airport] to the 101 in years or so.

The tunnel photos seems like a normal tunnel but it will function differently. There tunnel will use an electric skate or sled to move cars from one place to another under the Los Angeles roads. A special elevator will be used to bring down cars and people in to the tunnel.

This futuristic idea is turn in to reality now. An idea which was generated on twitter and now after five months of working on it the first part of the tunnel is completed.

Image Source: Instagram

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