How to Start a blog and Make Money in 20 Minutes

How to Start a blog and Make Money in 20 Minutes

How to Start a blog and Make Money in 20 Minutes: Are you thinking about making a blog but don’t know where to start it. This step by step guide will help you start your own blog with in 20 minutes and how you can make money from it by running it successfully. But for this you need to follow each and every step carefully and perfectly as it define. These methods are not just mine but they had been used by thousand of famous bloggers which are now earning million of dollars by posting a single article on there blog. You can also have that blog where by posting you can get thousands of dollars in your bank account but before this you need to answer my one question.

Do you have these three things?

After lots of search, reading stories of successful bloggers and from my personal experiment, I found three things in common. If you want to be a successful blogger you need to have passion, patience and timing. If you have these three qualities, then I promise you, you will be the next millionaire blogger.

Steps to Start a Blog and Make Money:

If your answer is yes of the question asked above. Then lets  move forward for the step by step guide to start blog and make money in 20 minutes.

Step 1: Choose  the best blogging platform

When you have lots of choices it became difficult for the beginners to choose which platform. Which one is best and which one is not. We spend lots of time on it and didn’t make a decision. But yes it the most important thing for starting a blog because if you a platform who didn’t have monetizing service or a platform which isn’t much popular or have that much users (traffic) than all your hard work will be zero.  So the question is which is the best blogging platform for blogging and for making money too.

There are two major and most popular platform right now in the market Blogger and WordPress. I will recommend and choose WordPress as my blogging platform.

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Why WordPress?

  • More than 52 % of Website are build in WordPress and more than 72 million active users.
  • Its free and easy to use. You don’t need to be expert or technology geek to use WordPress. Most of themes and plugins in WordPress are free to use, which is best for beginners to save money in the start.
  • Secure, you don’t need to worry about the security of it. WordPress community is doing that thing for you.
  • And most important thing, i’m using WordPress too for my blog, LOL :).

So you need to go with WordPress without wasting much time on choosing platform, lets move to next step.

Step 2: Domain and Hosting, Free or Paid One

After deciding the platform now you need domain and hosting. There are two options for you, free one and paid one. I will go with paid one.

Why Not Free?

  • Not your own domain: free domain will not be yours and your domain name will be too long like or which isn’t good looking nor recommended by professional bloggers
  • Can shut down any time: as the content of your blog is not your property in free domain and hosting so they can shut down your blog any time without informing you.
  • Limited Space: there is a limit on the content and media you upload on your blog and limit.

These are the reason professional and passionate bloggers avoid to go with free domain and hosting service. That’s why i didn’t choose that too. Spending a little bucks on domain and hosting will secure your thousand in future.

Where to find Domain and Hosting?

Now if you make your mind to spend few cents on your domain and hosting its time to register your domain and buy hosting for it. Domain is basically your website address like this is called domain. Hosting is the server where your website code will be placed and when users will make request to your domain it will show your website by accessing your hosting server.

There are thousands of Hosting companies providing their services. You can buy hosting and domain at one point or you can buy separately. As an example you brought domain from Go-daddy because its cheap or you found a discounted coupon and brought hosting from another company BlueHost .  It doesn’t matter it easy to link them within a seconds.

Mostly hosting companies are now offering a free custom domain if you buy there hosting service. That’s also not a bad offer. I will recommend you to go with BlueHost hosting service, as it is the recommend hosting service by WordPress. But you can choose any other if you found good one other than BlueHost.

Step 3: Install WordPress, Select Theme, Configure it

After buying domain and hosting now you need to install WordPress on your website. Go to your hosting control panel which your service provider game you. Find WordPress software there and by clicking on them it will ask show you form regarding your website. You need to fill this out, give credential and install. That’s it, simple and easy. I will make a video for you guys if someone of you found it difficult, how to install WordPress on your site.

After installing WordPress on your site now its time to log in to your WordPress dashboard and start customizing your site.  You need to choose a theme which will suite your blog. There are lots of WordPress Free Themes available from which you can choose. If you didn’t like any of them you can buy a premium one too from Theme Forest.  After installing theme and activate it on your site, you need to customize it.

Most of the people get worried when they visit there site after installing theme. They get shocked when they saw just blank page with nothing on it. They were assuming the same thing which they seen on theme preview.  Don’t be worry if you see that too. You need to customize your site to look exactly the theme was in preview.

I will discuss this thing in my future post on how to customize WordPress theme because its a whole chapter to discuss and I can’t do that in this post. For now you will find out lots of good videos which will show you how to do that.

Step 4: Post Original and Amazing Content

Now here’s the time to show your skill what you got, for which you want to start blog. You need to upload content which should be original and amazing on your website. Don’t do copy pasting it will give you nothing and you will waste your time and money. Try to be unique and go with trend. Do research on your topic and choose the best thing. Share your content on social media like Facebook, Twitter. This will not only help to make your blog popular but it will also help you to gain more traffic towards your blog which will be beneficial when you monetize on your website.

Your post should be at least minimum 700 words in the starting days of your blogging.  Don’t go for quantity go for quality. Right one post a day, maximum and qualitative wording and original.  Don’t crowded your blog with low quality and someone other articles.

Step 5: Make Money With Your Blog

Don’t be in a rush for making money with your blog. After performing all the above steps well and getting good traffic on you site then its time to monetize your blog and earn money from it. There are lots of advertising companies available in the market which are looking for good sites with great traffic. Google Adsense is on the top in the list and bloggers first choice when it comes to monetize.

But remember if you have lot visitors on your site or your content is not appropriate according to Google Adsense requirement they will not accept your application. Which means you will not get any ads on your site and will not make any money.

But don’t worry, if your application get rejected. You can apply again and again after removing the acquisition Google Adsense made on your blog.  Google Adsense is just a tip of the monetizing and making money from your site. There are lots of other things which you can do and make lots of money like Amazon Affiliate Marketing and other.

Remember one thing do not focus on making money at start of your blogging. You should focus on gaining more traffic and popularity of your site.  Once your site get popular you will get the reward.

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