Tricks to get views on your YouTube channel

Tricks to get views on your YouTube channel


Audience is the primary need for your YouTube channel but Getting views on your YouTube channel is easier said than done ,Sometimes it happens that even when your content is great, you video is hilarious and you have been promoting it on all yours and your friends’ social media profiles but still you are not getting the views you desire.

if you are not getting much audience on your channel you should try following these guide lines to help you get more views on YouTube before your Channel flops.

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Before we start we should make it clear that these things require great patience and time becoming hasty won’t lead you anywhere.

Compel your audience to subscribe

To ask your audience to subscribe is the best and easy way to get views on your YouTube Channel .Once they subscribe whenever you upload any new content they’ll be aware of it through notification reminders.

The best way to ask them is to put a clear cut call in your video to subscribe or on your social media profiles. But you make sure that your request for subscription don’t come out as a needy beg instead of a helpful suggestion .

Don’t use Straight forward requests instead rephrase to something attractive. And ensure you use the three part formula before asking them directly to subscribe i.e Tell them what to do , how to do it and why to do it .

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Annotations across your videos 

The text bubble popping on your videos redirecting links to other videos are called annotations on YouTube . Adding text bubbles to all your already existing videos to your all other videos will help you get some more views also. or add a subscription annotation which redirects the viewers link to your subscription page , it’s one of the easiest way to get more views .

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Use playlists

Use playlists to organize your preexisting content on your channels , organizing certainly helps your audience to stay on your channels. Playlists help discoverability of your content , better  discoverability leads to long staying and returning audience.

You can create YouTube  playlists, whether of your own original pre-existing content or curated content from other relevant makers and users, which will ultimately help your audience find more of the videos they desire to see.

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Just about a year ago YouTube allow the Channels to communicate with its subscribers through images , videos and texts. By sending out bulletins you can connect with your followers and let them know about your upcoming ideas.

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Run YouTube Contests 

Using frequent contests and campaigns you can make your channel attractive and active , leading to more viewers. Contests can be like Commenting contests , Subscription based contests Advocate video contest and Upload and vote video contest . It’s  upon your creativity how you attract the audience to participate.

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Video Responses 

Another easy and simple way in get more views on YouTube videos is by posting them as video responses , on more famous related videos. It is easy to do so  and can simply get you a substantial number of clicks you desire .

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