Here’s the list of Best Upcoming android games

Here's the list of Best Upcoming android games

Here is the list of some interesting upcoming android games.

Harry Potter : Wizards Unite 

Be a real life witch or wizard and Experience adventures in harry porter rich world of magic  , it’s a role playing game in which you can be a part of Harry porter universe yourself . Learn spells , duel rivals , make friends , solve some school magic mysteries , a , deal with some series witchcraft and discover some magical beasts.

” Harry Potter: Wizards Unite uses state-of-the-art augmented reality technology to reveal the magic all around us.” 

Here's the list of Best Upcoming android games

The Walking Dead : Final Season 

Inspired by the best show on AMC The walking dead themed android game TWD : Final season is going to be released this year . It is the final chapter of the game series which features Clementine in the lead role. Fans have been waiting for this chapter for so long , this year they get play their favorite zombie apocalypse themed android game .

Here's the list of Best Upcoming android games

But the release date of this game is still not finalized by the developers.

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Black Dessert Mobile 

It is an open world game which revolves around two powerful kingdoms , The Kingdom of Valencia and the Republic of Calpheon , which wage wars over the claim of black stones ( which are magic things that upgrade of power up a weapon or an armor .

As the story proceeds , you had to solve mysteries , deal with enemies of the realm , force your way through as you gain exp points along the way which increases your power as the game proceeds. It is one of the ‘a must play’ android game.

The game is expected to launch in South Korea first and after that at other countries.Watch the game’s trailer here. 

Here's the list of Best Upcoming android games

Attack on titan Assault

It is based on one the best anime series in which players have to fight the apocalyptic wrath of titans who seeks to devour human kind for good. The game is action adventure play in which you solve the mystery behind the true identity of titans and slay them . Fighting titans  using the 3D maneuver gear is going to be great experience for the fans.

The game is kind of a replica of the anime series with more persistent fighting elements which makes it more fun to play.

Here's the list of Best Upcoming android games

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

it’s one the anime based games which features the story of Final Fantasy XV and lets you play the story in your Mobile on IOS or Android . The story is replica of the  PC version of this game. The touch based controls might be different but the mechanics of the game is still the same .

The story is the same  as the console version ,  The Two great nations after decades of fighting Lucis and Niflheim agree to a truce and to stop waging wars.  As a symbol of peace adn accord between the two nations , Noctis, the prince of Lucis, have to marry the Lady Lunafreya of Tenebrae. we play as the prince who sets off one eve to go to his marriage and we have to overcome all the dangers that was about to dwell in our path.

Here's the list of Best Upcoming android games

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