Vivo’s about to launch in screen fingerprint sensor smartphone

Vivo's about to launch in screen fingerprint sensor smartphone

Out of the announcements for best breakthrough technology at CES 2018 there was Vivo’s in screen fingerprint sensor smartphone , the phone is set to release during this week on January 24 , it’s going to be first of its kind and one of the new breakthrough technology of 2018 .

The phone is going to be sold as X20 Plus which is a surprise , it can be confusing for the people as the original X20 Plus launched back in September 2017 , it is said that the new device will be the heavily modified version of X20 Plus. And it’s going to be different than the original phone.

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The new finger print sensor is going to be first of its kind and Patrick Moorhead , an analyst said about this sensor is that it is “Fast and simple ” , it is said that it’s going to be twice as fast as the three dimensional facial recognition .

Officially there was no specifications of this smartphone was released but  the telecommunications certification center of China (TENAA)  listed some specs as

Dsiplay : it has a 6.43-inch OLED display with the resolution of 2,160 x 1,080 pixels .

Body and dimensions : it has 165.2 x 80.02 x 7.35 mm dimensions and the body weight is around 183.1 g .

Processor : it has a 2.2 GHz octa-core processor and 4 GB RAM

Camera : it possess Dual cameras on back (12 MP and 5 MP) and 12 MP front facing camera. It has various camera features as well , information about which is yet to be released.

Memory : it has a huge memory of 128 GB of internal memory and it doesn’t stop there it has microSD slot as well for more external memory.

Battery Power : it has 3,800 mAh battery which is quite enough for it to lasts more than a day .

Colors : it comes in many different colors  including Black Gold, Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, and Matte Black

In screen Fingerprint sensor : it possess Qualcomm’s under-display fingerprint scanner.

The specs are not confirmed yet ,  the telecommunications certification center of China (TENAA)  lists might or might not be true . Guess we have to wait for the smart phone to be officially released to know what’s it really got.

The information about the price of this phone is not released yet but it is rumored that it’s going be around  3,998 yuan (USD $624.27). is it expensive ? yes but it might worth it . The in screen fingerprint sensor is going to be one of the most desired feature in smartphone as well .

It is said that it’s going to falls in the category of high end smartphones , rumors has it it’s going to be great hit of 2018 .

Raj Talluri, SVP and GM of Qualcomm’s IOT business said that the technology is going to be more common with time , He said “It’s taken me and team a bit of time to really get it… but next year I’m pretty optimistic we’ll see it in more mainstream devices”

Is Vivo going to outshine Apple ? 

Apparently Yes it is , Vivo has beaten Apple in terms of new technology . All Apple has done is make its phones more and more expensive without introducing any new technology . Apple has lost innovation. The next generation of iPhones are not much different than its previous one except the higher price. iPhones have already lost their charm , they’re becoming less and less desirable than before. The under-screen fingerprint scanner is going to be big breakthrough of 2018.

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