WordPress Vs Blogger – Which one is Good?

WordPress Vs Blogger - Which one is Good?

WordPress Vs Blogger – Which one is Good? : I have been asked that question most of the time specially new bees ask that question which one is better WordPress or Blogger platform to start a blog. So to answer this question and lots of other questions related to Blogger and WordPress, I decided to make a post and answer you all question.  Lets see how bloggers see both platforms Blogger and WordPress.  

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One thing I have to clear is that most of the people confuse WordPress.com with WordPress.org. Here i’m talking about WordPress.org not WordPress.com. If you don’t know the difference between WordPress as Org or Com you can see this article.

Now lets back to the topic again WordPress Vs Blogger (Comparison) Which one is better? First of all lets go with Pros and Cons of both WordPress and Blogger and then we differentiate them. 

Blogger Pros

  • Free To Use:  Blogger is free to use, you can start blogging in just few minutes. If you have Gmail account, than blogger is attached to it. You just need to sign-in with your Gmail account in to blogger, name your blog and start posting.
  • Owned By Google: As we know blogger is owned by Google, so you will get most of good other feature product like Adsense, Analytics and other within blogger easy which is handy for novice users.
  • Blog URL: At start your blog URL will be like yoursitename.blogspot.com. Its a free sub-domain which Google own but you can add your custom domain URL, which you owned.
  • HTML Editing: You can easily edit template HTML and add or remove html you like. Its simply plane HTML and CSS, if you know that you can easily transform your blog template as you want. 
  • Built In Adsense: You don’t need to worry about monetizing your blog. Blogger have built-in Adsense for you, just go to the option of earning in blogger and apply for Adsense.
  • Maintenance: You don’t need to worry about maintenance or security, Google will handle all that for you. You just need to focus on blog content and marketing of your blog, that’s it.

WordPress Pros

  • Your Own Site: The best thing which WordPress gave you is that you are the owner of the site. So it up to you what you want to do with it. Control is in your hand, you want to expand or want to shut down its totally depend on your decision. 
  • Thousand of Features: WordPress is open source software so its easily extendable  and you will find thousand of widgets free to add new features in to your site with just few clicks.
  • Large Dev Community:  WordPress have vast number of developers and designers  which organize webinars and conferences around the world, so you will get help easily from any where. 
  • Themes: With WordPress you don’t need to worry about how you site will look like. Millions of theme are available free and premium both you can choose any of them and can customize it easily according to your requirement.
  • Transfer Anywhere: WordPress have an ability to import or export your site from any platform to any platform. You can easily import your site from blogger to WordPress and WordPress to any other platform too.

Blogger Cons

  • Not for Big Ideas: Blogger is not a platform for big ideas, if you have big plans for your website you don’t go with Blogger.
  • Ownership: As Google is the owner of Blogger which means you don’t own the blog, Google owned it. So, your content or blog can be shutdown any time and your all effort will be loss. 
  • Limited Templates: Blogger provide limited set of templates to use which means most of the blog which are made on Blogger will be look a like your blog. So your blog will not be unique as much in the market. 
  • Support: Limited support available of Blogger just basic documentation and not much developers community. 
  • Gmail Account: You must have Gmail account in order to use Blogger.

WordPress Cons

  • Domain / Hosting: You need to have your own domain and hosting to use WordPress. So it means you have to invest a little bit amount on it.
  • Security: You have to manage your site security, backups and other task related to your site.
  • Too Much Options:  As WordPress have millions of themes and widgets, so its need time and research to find the best one, which suite to your site.
  • Learning Curve: There is leaning curve while installing and using WordPress on your site.

Blogger Vs WordPress Differences

Blogger own the siteYou own the site
Fully maintained and secure by GoogleYou have to do security, backup and maintenance 
By default domain name contain blogspot.com

Can add custom domain name but you will loose SSL if you don’t buy that too with your domain

Your own custom domain name
Limited Space up to 1 GBDepend on you, buy hosting as much you want for your site, can be extended with the passage of time
Can edit template, limited themes Millions of themes and widget, have full control on edition and customization
Only Google AdsenseFull control run Google Adsense, Affiliated Ads or anything you want
No futureFuture not dependent on any one nor a single company
Limited SupportVast number of developers, conferences and documentation available

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